Dentist work in the Philippines


Getting dentist work done in the Philippines is mainly down to what work you are looking to get done as the big problem is facilities especially with the smaller surgeries. BUT if you are in the Philippines on business,tourist or retirement I would strongly advise saving yourself a lot of money on getting at least the basic work done and for more serious dental work consult the surgery to see what they can do. Ideally via someone like myself or the surgery. Dont use fixers or “online” operators as they will be adding a lot to your bill before you even know it. So how much does dental work cost to be done?



For a basic consultation and evaluation including cleaning you would be  expecting to pay around £5 to £10 a filling comes in at less than £5 a tooth. Last year I had my front teeth repaired which was around 2hrs at a dentists surgery. Total cost less than £20.00


But like I say I would use people already in the know or who are already using a dentist regularly. The dentist in these photos are a friend of my wife. She undertook some work for some friends of mine who were all very pleased with the service including a deep clean on someones teeth. Something that would cost a fortune in the UK. I would add the dentist information but its better to contact me in person at as I can arrange things easier via my wife and friends as the dentist has two surgeries she operates from.

How much would I charge you for my time? Simply nothing.. I dont do these things for cash I am purely passing on good quality and service as my priority is helping Cebu develop more tourism in turn creating more jobs and a better future for many. Along the way hopefully making some new friends and also helping friends I know develop theyre business built on the quality of service.



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