Dengue Fever

Recently i got to experience Dengue first hand and just wanted to warn people visiting the Philippines to make sure they get Malaria tablets. I know its something you may over look and think it wont happen to me. But I had 30 mosquito bites on a night out which was perfectly fine a few weeks later i got a single bite that put me into bed for a fortnight and im still recovering. It gets hit or miss if you live or die, Ok it hits children and elderly more than anyone else but ill go through the effects it had on me so you can take a look at symptoms just incase you get similar.

First thing was a bit of a fever and tiredness which meant i struggled getting from the bedroom to the CR and back without feeling dizzy or close to passing out. After a couple of days my tongue became clotted with a yellow solution, round my neck a rash appeared and my hands and feet had burning and skin blotching as it started to effect my blood stream. Me being as stubborn as usual even struggling to stay on my feet was still doing work around the house and fitting an aerial outside. By this time i had two shades of skin white and yellow. Both are colours im not normally associated with as i have always got a mild tan at worst. Sweat poured from my skin anytime i moved around and my stomach constantly felt full and in no need to eat and no appetite to eat.

I was lucky my wife and my mother inlaw were there for me. April made me up the local remedy which is tawa-tawa plant (tawa-tawa translated means milk-milk) which is boiled into a tea. The taste is similar to a milk solution although not one i enjoyed. Many people say there isnt a cure for Dengue but i think this is about as close at it gets. As it seems to react with the infection to fight it off not sure if it cures or just stops it spreading but it worked and  ill always be greatful for Aprils knowledge of local plants and theyre uses. Aprils mother also started smoke fires outside to clear the mosquitos away from the house. I can honestly say im thankful and greatful for my wifes parents and my wife i couldnt ask for better relatives.

If you can get some tawa-tawa cuttings i advise planting some at home in the Philippines for emergencies its a common plant but being able to identify it and having some in your garden may save your life sometime.

Im now back in the UK. Still suffering dizzyness, burning pains in my hands and feet, fever and sore throat. Symptoms may persist for months. Ive also visited the doctor today to have multiple blood tests for malaria, Hepatitis and for liver and kidney damage aswell as seeing my immune system is still up and running.

If your renting a place in the Philippines try to get a house/apartment with mosquito shutters fitted to the windows and doors and grab yourself a mosquito repellant plug in from one of the bigger malls. Problem with Dengue is its normally passed by a type of mosquito that is generally around during the day. So thinking its just the evenings you need to be careful is a bit of a false hope. Wear Off lotion on exposed skin when out and about which is available at most stores.

Keep safe and take note of the symptoms.. prevention is better than cure but knowing what you have early on may save your life.

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