Dengue claims its 501st victim and climate change is being blamed as part of the cause.

You don’t have to travel far from your own neighbourhood to find potholes of stagnant water or when its not Wet season the dry riverbeds full of garbage. Prime breeding grounds for mosquito’s that little gets done to prevent. I see the people blaming the government and the government blaming corruption or the people. In reality its all of the above everyone needs to play their part, I regularly see people dump things on the street even though they have passed a bin its pure laziness and a lot of the places mosquito’s breed are caused in the same way.

The rise in the figures of deaths of over 500 people nationwide has alarmed members of the department of health National Epidemiology Center who are currently saying “mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus now have more areas to breed” which was stated by Dr. Eric Tayag head of the department of health.

Going on to say urbanisation and over population have also contributed to the outbreak in several regions around the Philippines. Which goes back to old problems poor infrastructure and a lack of contraception.

The Department of health have recorded 69,594 of dengue cases this year since January to August 28th of this year which is the largest number of recorded dengue cases in a single year according to the Department of health.

The majority of those who have died have been children and bearing in mind its only just gone September and we have already experienced over 500 deaths in 2009 for the whole year it was 369.

The majority of cases are being found in Western Visayas, Southern Luzon, Central and Eastern Mindanao, and Metro Manila. Provincial case numbers seems to be declining although Metro Manila is still increasing. There are currently three strains of dengue that are detectable by tests by the Department Of Health.

Dengue is something I have already experienced and researched, I personally trust the milk milk plant which grows similar to a weed which can be boiled into a tea. It doesn’t have the greatest taste so when I was sick my wife April disguised its flavour with adding some flavoured powder drinks. Try to keep your body covered as much as possible especially during mid day when the risk of being bitten by the mosquito that carries dengue is highest.