Dehydration in the Philippines

With the current weather as well as many new arrivals it may sound a bit of an odd thing but dehydration is a major problem and drinking alcohol will not help the situation. The reason many people develop illnesses here are down to swapping water with beer and often just not consuming enough water. This often develops kidney problems and I know of 4 people in the last year which are currently going through various medical procedures. Gout is another development that happens a lot here and tied with alcohol and a lack of water.

Main information I came across to give an idea of how much water you should consume is 8 glasses each of 8oz (= 240 ml) each over a 24-hour period. Now there is no exact science to how much you can consume or should consume purely because climate changes and so does body mass as well as what your doing. Best advice is drink when you fell thirsty and generally I try to drink water in the mornings even though I don’t feel I need any yet. Reason being I do forget to drink water when I get preoccupied which is why making a routine helps get round that problem.

On extra hot days like we are experiencing at the moment I would advise cutting down on beer and coffee replacing it with water currently I am getting through several litre’s of water a day without even noticing I am consuming it as well as 3 – 4 showers a day. So be aware of dehydration in the Philippines and often it sneaks up without you noticing but also long-term being slightly dehydrated on a regular basis isn’t going to be healthy and the pain people say they are in with gout, kidney stones etc. is as they describe it “the worst pain they have felt” so be warned..

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  1. Swarfy
    April 30, 2011 at 6:39 am

    My Urologist says the same about 8 glasses but i would add, drink sufficient water so you urinate several times a day, with a healthy flow. Some people can consume 8 glasses and still not urinate, my 7 year old for one, so just take on enough fluids to pee on a regular basis, and remember when you feel thirsty you are already partially de hydrated, 35 deg C here in Isabela now, Tugegerau in northern Cagayan is consistently the hot spot in the country, 90 km north.

    • Swarfy
      April 30, 2011 at 11:08 pm

      Now here is an excellent re hydration formula that is identical to one given me years ago by a medic, an old Saudi hand so knew a bit about heat, mix a bottle up and chug at it through the day. It is also an excellent aid in preventing hangovers, before a session drink a litre and when you are done drinking make sure you drink as much of this before going to bed, pretty well say goodbye to hangovers.