Define happiness…

Its an odd thing here out in the Philippines as you will find a lot of expats struggling yet would never even think about leaving but why?

At the same time I find a lot of bitterness amongst many expats and also the same question why?

You see for happiness its not about money, its not about driving a flash car or a big house its about literally “being happy”. If you can’t find happiness in your life then what value has it got. In theory I should have been back in the UK from the 1st of April for the new run on government budgets but I look at the kids and think ok I can head back to the UK and grab a load of cash but what about them? at the same time pondering about my daughter Nicole as I rarely here from her these days. The thing is its the simple things in life that make me happy good food and being able to travel around aswell as family are my main things. Above that everything is a bonus, I know many people look at me wanting to fail here in the Philippines and the chocolate expats who are only here part-time really on long holidays more than anything. Bit like the Christmas santa paper wrapped over a garden gnome chocolate shape. Bit of a jab at the same time been called a chocolate jock in my time as I spent most of my life abroad and not in Scotland. I just take it with a pinch of salt and I think for many they struggle to deal with the factory floor humour. Its not important, the most important is being happy and also the people around you being happy.

The road repair for me is an achievement although a silent one as most people wouldn’t be aware of the silent irritant I started that got people wanting to fix the rest. Next will be some plant pots along the road to start showing the area can be a lot nicer to live in than it is currently. I can already hear the chuckles and banter of “that won’t work” and the 101 reasons why not but I look at it the other way P250 for 5 plant pots and flowers/palms is a good deal its upto the people to realise the potential not what I think. I am around 1 in 200 the half percent that can see change and hope that others realise what things can become with a bit of work.

So if this makes me happy what gets me down? just read through the blog is all I can say as I have been over things often enough but a thing I learned years ago and also told several people about with stressful jobs is finding that bit of calm and beauty in life. For me here its currently gardening as I want to create a garden that shines out to other people to do the same. On top of that certain plants we bought have had an amazing affect on wildlife, we see butterflies daily as well as birds. Proof that things are changing for the better as before to see the wildlife I would have to travel and find it.

Financial stress maybe? Thing is the apartments are finished and the next leap will have to wait for the investors from Japan, yes Kento is leaving soon but will be keeping his apartment and the other one I am sat in at the moment typing but got someone coming to look at it tomorrow not 100% I want to rent it out as Zoei is happy in here or should I say I can keep an eye on her easily in here but with the extra kitchen,dining, office and a shower to wash down during the day it starts to revolve around quality of life. At the same time Kento will be gone for 2 months so if this does rent out have upstairs to work from which has the same facilities. Not in a rush to rent unless I know the tenants mind as I know there are sexpats, drunks, violents and mentally unstable people out there and I don’t want any of that in my neighbourhood. Its a nice community and slowly things are becoming more social and flexible such as reducing noise pollution as people start to realise it puts people off renting their properties as well as the ones people ask me to advertise. Give it 10 years probably wouldn’t be able to recognise the area at all.

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  1. jyoti mishra
    May 21, 2011 at 3:22 pm

     no matter what, we should always try to b happy !!