Decided to write eBooks after ages of deciding not to but why?

There have been a few things happen recently which were very preventable for people if they had read through the blog. Some serious, some not but most important thing is the events could have been prevented to the benefit of all. So I am now toying within the realms of running a load of e-books out on various subjects.. Another expat survival guide? Nope.. as my whole point of 90% of things happening to people is down to common sense. But what I do want to do and something I hadn’t realised is many people who fall into the problems need better explanations of things. Odd thing is when someone does something I get Filipino friends and family asking me why is X doing that? swiftly followed by can I go and speak to him. Which may not sound severe here on a blog but that’s the problem many of these guys and girls have lived in a Western bubble and not experienced even camping in their own country never mind a complete culture shock as well as not knowing what to expect. So one of the books I am thinking of doing is going to be based round a mix of ideas and pulling some of the older posts out of when I first came here. Thing is we all make mistakes, as time goes on though you learn to stop making the same ones which is partly what I want to add to the book a little “tick” list where you can tick if you did it or not and see how many things I said are true or not. On top of that I am getting concerned with the lack of data on plants in the Philippines available for general access as well as how things are setup for plant access. All good and well wanting people to grow their own but where do they find half the plants they want? So another book which will hopefully start to get backed up with my garden as I want to sell it with seeds or even small plants to help others get started. I’ve become more environmental as the time has gone on here because I see so many people aren’t! Its a bit of a sick joke really as I see many places in the UK with declining infrastructure yet when will it get to the point it is here because it could end up that way the state Western economies got into.

Anyway just a note to say will be writing e-books and hopefully will be well worth the paper they are printed on. Odd thing is I didn’t see the point before as I know the ones other people did seem too obvious or lacking in any content to bother with. But I think its evolving like from when it first started and I struggled to get good information now I am at the point of adding to it and in a way that compiles relevant knowledge and sections into an easy to read e-book.

But wait.. why else am I doing it? well this is the funny thing I was looking at the garden today after adding more plants and started to wonder about the internet cafe as its still viable but not a great earner and I really can’t be bothered to set the computers up outside every day which is why I am thinking of getting a shipping container to build the beach hut design I want to test. Computers can go in there when its finished until its sold but maybe enough money in the books to buy the container which will also spin another book and video for the conversion.

Enough market for expats in the Philippines to make enough profit for buying a container? probably not to be honest but I have been adding a lot of other websites and blogs lately covering many topics so the e-books will end up a small shelf full by the time I have finished. So will see.. be nice to do the container as I know it will sell once completed.