Death in the Philippines

There is a bit of confusion on do I have all the answers? For that simple question the answer is no. But the reason behind it is my personal life is based round family. My wife and daughters I would be a fool not to expect someone to try and rob me of happiness and for this I am already prepared. Its an acceptance in life that you may not always be there for those you are trying to protect but the actions that you have taken may or should preserve the fact you give everything for those you love. In other places or writings its called finding peace and that is where I stand. My whole role is a simple task of protecting my wife and my children and the ability to provide for them in the future. I believe I have reached my goals except the forced risk that is taking in protecting the freedom of my family. The difference between those that are prepared to cause harm and myself is the acceptance of risk and the fact someday I may never make it home. But that is part of protecting your family from the risks that reside in a part of the world that has many shadows and grey areas..


A coat of arms may not seem much to most people but the truth is for me the preservation of family and freedom are simply everything otherwise the coat would never exist. It was earned by bloodshed and will be preserved by such. My family earned its place in history already and I will do what I can to preserve that fact and the battles that will follow..

History is written by its greats and although I do not see me as one I will fight to gain the respect of my ancestors…