Dealing with awkward relatives diplomatically in the Philippines

After this weeks event with the relatives looking to put up the wall in the road we had already decided the best method of dealing with the problem was to leave them to it. Did it work you might be asking well the guys dug the holes in the road smashed a neighbours fence to make some bamboo covers for the hole as well as rip it out they were well on their way to getting on peoples nerves. A couple of days ago I was out and came back to ask why nothing has happened with the wall after two metal poles were left sticking out the ground with what appears to be the start of re-bars for bigger framed posts. Answer came that some of the neighbours had a word with the workers as soon as they went to start work which resulted in them making no further work but went home.

The bizarre turn of events all reinforces what we said before about the aunt even though most people that are related to her believe she sits on a pillar as some kind of saint refusing to admit or accept the obvious. We haven’t done anything to upset her yet she seems to spend her time interfering in other peoples progression which is fine. She doesn’t bother us at all and everyone is questioning why someone would build a wall in the middle of the street across a driveway instead of using the money and blocks to start a house or something useful. To what I just shrug my shoulders and go on my way..

I suppose a few of the people involved have been waiting for some really negative posts to be written here but all I can say is its not worth my time or effort. On top of that most Foreigners as well as OFW’s have experienced this sort of thing first hand so understand the situation well. Which could only mean that if someone has been waiting for something negative the message would have only fallen on deaf ears as everyone else you would only have to say “family issues” and they know straight away the sort of things that happen.