Day out in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines

friends at traffic lights A last minute decision at a meet up yesterday resulted in a 5am wake up call to go to Mactan for a game of Badminton at Mactan Smash. I haven’t been doing anything fitness wise for around a year now so to say my bones were aching afterwards was an understatement.

Mactan Smash playing badminton

After an hour of playing we decided to head off for some food at a small eatery near the side of the road at a resort. Not sure of the location but the food was good although eating the large shell typed creatures with the beak/claw reminded me of some of the shell fish that we used to eat in the UK out of a jar. Although these were a different type and a lot larger. Texture wise was the same as the UK species but these are dipped in a strong vinegar here. Also had some Sea cucumber which was also tasty..




sa ang ( spider shell)  friends and April

Before we got to the eatery by the way we had a problem with the Jeepy which we abandoned by the road as in Pinoy fashion “lets eat”. In the Philippines generally people seem to get cranky if they don’t eat when hungry so always better to eat first. Also we were hoping the Jeepy would have had time to cool down in the hope it sorted itself out..

Strange thing at the resort though was two stereos by two different groups of people full volume side by side. Bit of a competition of very loud music although wasn’t a problem from the waterside and we hadn’t taken a beach hut at the resort. The other thing was it was a resort between 2 others yet the others were empty. Being cheap goes a long way and if you compared the one we jumped in the water at to the others they were leagues apart. The one on the right hand side had Scuba and jet skis for hire where this one as you can see has a beaten up old boat for rent..IMG_1090

 mechanic fixing jeepy refilling oil

As we returned to the Jeepy and found it still didn’t want to play ball after new oil, cleaning out the spark plugs and a few other things that we thought it might be a mechanic was found and the pretending it not to be my Jeepy began to keep the price down on the repairs. Within a couple of minutes the mechanic had isolated the problem to a couple of contactors and not only that he managed to get the spare parts within 2mins from a nearby store that had actually got the same part in for someone else.

Back on the road and off home. The Jeepy sounds a bit smoother although think if I keep it if no buyer comes forward for it I will get rid of the large offroad tyres and put road tyres on to give it a smoother ride. At the same time have the engine completely overhauled.

A bit of a mixed day of trying to fix the jeepy and enjoying time with friends. The biggest costs of the day all went on the Jeepy..