Cyma Greek Restaurant;Ayala Terraces, Cebu, Philippines.

Lemonade at Cyma Greek Restaurant, Cebu,Philippines - Photo by and Copyright of Matt WilkieI am a fan of Greek restaurants and Greek food. When I get the chance when in the UK i like to take my annual leave to Greece.

I always remember the 1 hour photo developing that when I went back 2 hours later they told me nobody had collected the film yet. Adding that its ok I am there for 2 weeks so will be done before I go home. Very laid back but also part of the charm of Greece unless living there full-time and need something doing.

Cyma Greek Restaurant in Cebu, Philippines

But today we are talking about Cyma a Greek restaurant that is at the Ayala Terraces in Cebu. April being up to date with the restaurants and food in the area we made a trip for dinner and a bit of a break from work.

Lamb Greek Shish Kabobs at Cyma restaurant at Ayala Terraces in Cebu,Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie

The layout and theme of the restaurant is obviously Greek with the blue and white of the national flag. But also what I found even better was the fact they actually know what they are talking about with their food!

Spanakopita at Cyma Greek restaurant at Ayala Terraces, Cebu, Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie

A lot of themed restaurants have no clue about what they are cooking or how flavours and tastes are affected by swapping ingredients with inferior products. Can’t say that about Cyma. Every dish was not only tasty but cooked well and very morish. The flavours from everything we ate encouraged us to try something new every visit. We have been twice so far and can only say looking forward to the next trip. Difficult to single out favourites as everything really does taste good. The goats cheese is very strong and a good addition to the meat dishes.Tenderloin steak with goats cheese at Cyma Greek Restaurant, Ayala terraces, Cebu, Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt WilkieApril Wilkie at Cyma restaurant in Cebu PhilippinesMatt-Wilkie at Cyma  Restaurant, Ayala terraces,Cebu,Philippines-2013-12-28-Photo Copyright of Matt Wilkie