Custom made super hero customs made to order

This is a bit of an odd business venture for me but also one that makes a lot of sense for the fans out there of heroes as its a little bit different to the traditional cheapo super hero costumes out there. It came up today as I was visiting a friends custom clothing store to see if I can help develop their business with them and I know there are a lot people out there who would love to have a suit of their favourite hero which is why this post came about. I was in a costume shop in the UK just over a year ago and noticed that things were way overpriced as well as very poor quality but what we can do here is give you very high quality at near the same price. These aren’t throw away costumes or suits they are designed to be regular wear as well as long lasting unlike the cheap Chinese imports that hit most countries these days. The people who will be making the clothing are professional seamstresses and tailors as well as professional designers being on hand to help even design something new from scratch if needed. There are some limitations as obviously the business is clothes making and not “mask” making so may pay to find your masks if needed in your location.

What the business can offer though is unbeatable value, high quality garments made to measure with international postage. This is only a small part of the business venture as large and small clothing can be produced as well as custom wedding attire or function gowns pretty much anything in clothing! The seamstresses are from Minglanilla which is famous for its seamstresses and tailors throughout the Philippines guaranteeing a high quality standard every time.

If your interested drop me an email at