Custom made dresses in the Philippines for international delivery

Custom clothing Philippines

I had been planning a trip over to Sidney and Ian’s for some time but always something seemed to crop up. Today though was the first real opportunity to get over there and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised on the professionalism of the business as well as the designs of the clothing. Always glad to help out friends I thought I would publish a bit of information while we prepare a full article on the business. Primarily they would prefer to do the custom made clothing at the same time are willing to take on orders for uniforms as well and today I seen some uniforms for a wine shop which were very high quality as well as the workmanship the materials were also very good. Orders are currently being taken for custom made garments and I was surprised how cheap things are. Which is why I would say it doesn’t matter where you are in the world if you can get a photo to us via email or post then it can pretty much be made for you.

I will leave you to have a look at a few of the designs that have already been sold but if your interested in buying or having something made drop me an email at