Custom made clothing made to measure and style.

Custom made clothing in the Philippines - Matt WilkieI decided to get some suits made in the Philippines but also now starting a small side line business as well.

Fact is the Philippines has some fantastic tailors and seamstresses. As well as designers, I have to admit though its much easier to find a design elsewhere due to the cut and styles at the moment. This is mainly due to a “Asian cut” being very different to the European. Jackets are a lot shorter for example. But its not really a big problem as everything is custom made to measure.

In fact you don’t need to be in the Philippines either as the measurements can be done via Skype with the designer and tailor to get the correct measurements. I have had 2 suits and 4 pairs of trousers made. The suit in the photo is very similar in design and the same Cashmere material and pattern that costs £1,000 in London. But I can sell and produce these at £200 + Postage for those interested.

Adding to that custom made wedding dresses, children’s clothes and other high quality clothing can all be done remotely. If your expecting to compete with ASDA price or another supermarket would want to remind you its quality not quantity its one off clothing made specifically for you.

If interested drop me a message.