Curry night in Cebu, Philippines

  curry night minglanillaMy wife as usual pulls all the stops out when it comes to food and people coming over, puts me to shame in the fact I didn’t cook any of the dishes at the same time also know my wife is happy to deal with the food side of things and I am likely to be kicked out of the kitchen for interfering.


Cooking some Tandoori kebabs on the grill, ready for our arrivals. Rob and Des, something I got involved in the rotation of and advise a mix of tomato and pineapple amongst the chicken to add flavour and keep the chicken juicy.



A few mixes of food on the table included spicy chicken madras (for the boys) and a mild vegetable curry (for the girls) as well as samosa’s, nan bread and a few other treats. Great food and good friends what else do you need?

Rob and des Alright - Matt Wilkie