Cure for cancer – Laetrile scam

Cancer is one of those diseases that often can’t be beaten and in a lot of cases people are prepared to take the gamble that some “mystery” cure will heal them. In the Philippines it came in the form of Laetrile which claimed to attack the cancer by laetrile entering the body and then once it found the site of the cancer it would release cyanide to attack it (yes Laetrile contained cyanide as one of its ingredients). Another enzymn would protect your good cells from being damaged by the Cyanide so nothing to worry about?? Upon testing though by injecting Laetrile they found that it would pretty much always leave the body in the same condition it entered via urine and hadn’t actually broken down at all in most cases. Although when orally taken reactions with food often broke the compounds down which actually resulted in a number of deaths.