Culinary trip to Bali

image One of the things me and my wife April want to do and with things finally starting to develop the possibility of travelling around Asia is becoming more possible is to grab some time in other countries to experience the food and techniques of cooking. Even in the UK moving region to region throws up some interesting tastes and flavours but having the opportunity to go and compare real Asian cooking at source is something most people don’t get the opportunity to do. If your as passionate about food as we are you will understand the desire. I was recently contacted by a company who runs culinary tours in Asia and one of the most interesting to me seemed to be Bali combining several locations in one trip appeals to me as it allows tasting and touring at the same time. But more importantly having a tour operator already specializing in such tours does make things a bit easier to know where to go. As finding things around Cebu can take more time that it should never mind only being able to spend a short period of time in one area as you will want to maximize the time you have there.

Bali is also a location several of my friends in the UK go to every year, they have travelled many places around the world but call Bali the only place they want to go these days as it offers everything they want for their annual holidays without any issues. The culinary tour I am talking about though is something a little different as my friends are just looking to escape the rat race for 2 weeks.

Day 1. The culinary tour of Bali offers a mix of cultural and gastronomical experiences allowing you to get the best of both. As soon as you arrive in Bali you will find your taken from the airport for a spa session to help unwind after the flight as well as entertained by traditional dancers. Your first meal of the of trip will consist of the islands famous crispy fried duck which has been marinated in Indonesian herbs and spices for 36 hours giving it an amazing taste and flavour.

Day 2. After that your heading off the beaten track away from the tourist trappings and into the real life Bali way of life. You will visit several villages the first being Mas where you will spend time with an astrologer, do some local woodcraft with a carpenter and get a blessing from the priest. You will then be introduced to Balinese food at a local cookery school and the opportunity to taste what you learned and made. Later in the day heading off to Klungkung to visit the former Royal Courts of Justice known as Kerta Gosa and finishing your day at Besakih. Here resides Bali’s highest volcano Mt Agung after taking in the sights a return to Ubud to dine at Mozaic before heading back to your hotel for a good nights rest.

Day 3.

bali art tourDiscovering the art trail your first stop will be at Bali’s cultural center at Ubod. Before heading on to Blanco Renaissance Museum before continuing your tour with a visit to ARMA Museum. After a busy morning you will then dine in Indus restaurant which has amazing views over Tjampuhan river valley to take in the ambience of Bali. After lunch a trip into the city to see the best art galleries before going to Taman Ayun temple near Mengwi to take in some of the local history. After another busy day evening meals will be served back at the hotel which has moved to one in Umabian to continue the trail.

Day 4.

After breakfast you will then be taken to Taman Sari Buwana to spend half the day learning how to harvest rice with the local farmers and visit a local school. In the afternoon spend a bit of time with the locals and learn about they’re culture and what they get up to. After that a trip to the west coast to visit Tanah Lot Bali’s most famous temple, after another busy day reaching Seminyak for a 3 course meal spending the night at Canggu or Kerobokan.

Day 5.

bali cookery tourAn early wake up call to enjoy breakfast is shortly followed by your culinary treat a local authentic cookery class. You should decide on the dishes you want to make before heading to the local market to find your ingredients. The food you will be making is made in a traditional kitchen with steamers using wood for cooking on terracotta stoves. In the afternoon you will get to spend a bit of time doing things you want to at your leisure allowing exploration of Seminyak with a guide and driver at your disposal. In the evening dinner will be served at Gado-Gado and an overnight stay will be in Canggu/Seminyak.

Day 6.

Is more of a simple affair as it will be breakfast at the hotel before doing things you wanted to do such as last minute souviners before heading on to Denpasar Airport for your departure flight.

Reading through the itinary myself can see many things I want to try and experience although already seeing what is covered I can sense longer would be needed to really take in life in Bali and more importantly the food! At the same time I am sure they already have other tours that can tag onto this one for a fortnight. But one thing is for sure I am glad there is cookery tourism as I know a break with me and my wife April would love this and no doubt many others who love time in the kitchen or food in their stomach.

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