Crab mentality in the Philippines – A fence across a driveway

chain link fence chain link fence

You get used to a lot of things and the more your here in the Philippines you start to see some relatives have a selfish bitterness that they will always have throughout their life. Crab mentality is a bit unfair as its too singular in expression and doesn’t get to the deep roots of the problem. You have people who aren’t well off financially who would waste money building a fence across a driveway instead of building a house or something else on the bit of land they have. It’s not as simple as just dragging people down to their level but the fact is most of the time its a fact that people were where they thought they were beneath them who have grown in status over time. Its more to do with they like to be little others and feed on peoples plight rather than lend a helping hand. When the status quo changes and someone moves financially status it upsets the way people like to see things. I had a discussion about this problem with a friend from India and its a common problem in Asia not just the Philippines. Two brothers may be close for years with one being very poor while the other has become successful and helps his brother when he wants. But if for some reason the poor brother became financially better than his wealthy brother the original wealthy brother would find it hard to accept due to losing face even though they are both kin and their face should be based on working together and as a “family” they are successful.

I can’t understand it as I have only rarely seen it in the UK and not to the same extent. I have seen neighbours go out their way to attack each other in anyway possible but not family.

The only result I suppose from the new fence is it pretty much seals the fate of the family ever being one again as personally I want nothing to do with the people involved and I won’t want them having anything to do with our kids. Nope not for spite its down to trust and respect, I cannot trust these people round our children as their hearts just seem so black and empty with nothing else better to do than try to hinder our advancements..