Crab Mentality and family business

If your a foreigner investing in the Philippines and maybe in courtship or married to a filipina you need to be aware of the strong “crab mentality” that exists. This is basically when a crab is climbing out of a bucket to freedom other crabs will grab it and drag it back into the bucket. This in turn means none of the crabs escape rather than letting one or some escape. This in essence is still in heavy existance in the UK and goes back to the years of the Spanish and Japanese where some filipinos would rat out (give up) other filipinos in the hope that they themselves would be spared because of sacrificing others. This is still very much a part of Philippine culture but im hoping over time it will disappear as more ( i hate this word) WESTERN ideals enter the country. A relative may prefer your business to fail than be a success especially if its something they did in the past. Because if you succeed then they would be even more a failure. In some cases they will go out there way to put you to ruin. So please be aware of this ive experienced it first hand with a relative as we built a house in a family compound while we developed other ventures to bring “the family” bigger incomes but the first thing one of the aunts did is hit us for rent on the house we built. This stupidity has caused me to withdraw all of my cash investments to help build up the wealth of the one side of the family.  There was houses being planned the family would rent out. Simply i would be looking to invest the capital initially and over time take out my initial investment. Aswell as developing stores. Now i have moved all my structure of investments to some small investments with my wifes parents and the rest into my own personal banking. The crab mentality they have done they have gained a very small house but lost millions of pesos in investments. As a foreigner you see it more than you should and this is where a lot of foreigners believe that filipinos have crab mentality yet the case cant be said for all and thats one thing i have to point out Aprils parents steer in a different direction and i couldnt ask for better inlaws. But nearly every expat ive met here have experienced crab mentality and like most things the bad shines brighter than the good. So if your going to invest in family please start with small amounts and make sure its amounts you can lose whittle out the thieves from the saints before going in full steam ahead. I wish you all the best in your ventures and if you are looking for experience/advice or people i know already doing your venture here please just email me.