Cost Of Renting A House / Apartment In The Philippines

I am often surprised about how much people think things cost without coming here first. The issue being is they set a budget and decide to move but haven’t even been here before and get a rude awakening on prices. Typical example of that was recently someone asked about renting near a college campus which is in the middle of Cebu the amount he had set a budget at did not come near to what the local market expects. Doesn’t mean its impossible just means its going to take some foot traffic to find something suitable especially within walking distance of the university.

How it generally goes like most countries the further your away from civilisation the cheaper the rents. I live in Minglanilla and have had a fixed rent at a 1 bedroom house with free water (deep well) for over 3 years and my rent is P3,500 its not a big place but we mainly just sleep here as we eat at the main house (Aprils parents) nearby. But for someone else your looking at a rent of P6,000 – P7,000 for the same size of place semi-furnished and I know many people are requesting “walk in” rentals and think they will get it for the same money but your kidding yourself. Semi furnished yes these are! but fully furnished with satellite TV, telephone, etc. won’t happen unless someone is desperate. If you want the best deal get the shoes on and look for sign boards along the main road. Most “fully furnished” for Cebu seem to be at least P12,000+ which to be honest is a reasonable monthly rate. If here long term take an empty one as you can way up the cost of buying items to money saved on rent and your likely to come out ahead.

Something bigger Deca homes which seem to make a lower quality sub-division you can find empty houses for around P6,000+ and often that’s 3 bedroom and may even have a store front space to the front. Small but functional, often cramped in due to the design of the sub divisions.

Spending more you can start moving into a medium class sub division and rents are around P15,000 upwards although generally you seem to see them advertised around the P20,000 upwards mark. These are larger homes which have normally clear marked driveway access as well as a strip of grass can’t call it a garden because it literally is a strip of grass.

Thing is head south and out of the cities and even away from sub divisions you start to see you can be renting an entire farm for the same sort of money. I have no interest in a sub division house myself I would however take on a couple of hectares if the right property came up without a second thought.

Even so though you find rentals also drop on normal housing as well if your not looking to take up large areas of land. I believe CarCar rents are around P5,000 for what would be the P6,000 – P7,000 mark in Minglanilla.

When looking at Cost Of Renting A House / Apartment In The Philippines you need to start by deciding what you need in the property and what you need nearby. No point having a fantastic home with beach front views etc. if you live 40mins from the nearest supermarket and can’t drive as well as being off a main jeepney route. I would advise anyone coming to the Philippines to look before renting, internet prices are higher and its easier to negotiate in person than it is over email.

Does short term / long term property rental in the Philippines make a difference to rent costs? Always is the answer because if short-term your likely to leave before the water and electric bill arrive, you are likely to want more facilities to the building than someone who is moving here permanently and wanting to add things themselves. In reality short-term could be over two times more expensive to rent because of all the extra hassles for the landlord including re-advertising or regular advertising.