Continuous brownouts in Cebu yet they want to make Cebu a call centre hub??

We live out in the province of Minglanilla but have started to experience more brownouts in recent months. Its partly why I haven’t opened up doing remote offices for UK companies as simply poor infrastructure makes life difficult at best. No power, poor internet and difficulty sourcing good staff. Yet the country says it wants to be a Call centre hub? It’s got a long way to go. Today’s article also ties in with the fact the brown outs are going to continue (Brown outs are power cuts).

An official from the Department of Energy in Visayas stated that Metro Cebu will continue to experience brownouts as a result of power shortages which continue to be unsatisfactorily addressed. He said that right most things are run down at best. You only have to travel along the road to see damaged power poles and dangling cables what state is the main supply in.

At present Cebu is 72-Megawatt’s short of its needs which is prompting rotating brownouts in an attempt to deal with the shortage.

Although there are new plants in Toledo they are still in the hands of the contractors and not been handed back and pumped into the grid. They offer another 84-megawatt’s each.

The region as a whole is short by 220 megawatts as stated by VECO (Visayan Electric Company).

The next big concern is if they are unable to supply an adequate service now and with ailing power plants what happens when the SRP opens up as a huge power sucking Industrial and commerce zone? What is going to happen with all these condo’s and sub-divisions being built everywhere? The infrastructure just doesn’t match the current speed other sectors are developing and is likely to be an ongoing plague to the country that can and will hinder development and investments.