Container gardening – Paint tin used for growing peppers

container gardening - paint tin used for growing peppersI came across this idea being used for tomatoes in the U.S. and decided with the fact we are about to paint out another building gaining another 3 – 4 paint tins that we could actually put them to good use growing peppers in them along the road in an odd position.

The odd position being the fact that the upstairs apartment has a balcony area with extending steel frame which gives an ideal location to hang these plants underneath the balcony about 14ft in the air in a location that has a lot of sun.

I transferred this plant about 3 – 4 days ago and as you can see its happily growing. On top of that you can put another plant in the top so it has things growing from two directions which we may do in the future but would need to change the handles (the ones on these tins are plastic). As you can see though they were tins in use and if growing things for food please make sure you clean them out properly. This type of paint is designed for concrete and has a compound used to stretch over cracks which also means it peels straight off the paint tin. So although externally it looks rough inside it was cleaned out. The reason I haven’t bothered with the outside is its still experimental if it works I will probably do some other pots but clean them up with a lick of paint or something else. I didn’t want to do it with these as the whole point is to prove it can be done with stuff that is normally thrown away and hiding it doesn’t serve the purpose for what we are currently doing.