Container gardening – Growing tomatoes in the Philippines just over 1 week after tomatoes started to show

Tomato plant Philippines

Its surprising how things have shot up in plant development when we first noticed the tomatoes they were tiny and just seemed to appear almost instantly because they hadn’t been noticed. Watching them grow over the last week though they are almost ripe and ready for the picking. I have also noticed the area where the tomatoes are with the climate being the way it is this year it might even be possible to establish some grape vines which at P200+ a pack in the supermarket if they did develop it would be a bit of a luxury as generally I overlook the grapes due to them being overpriced. At the same time I wouldn’t expect good results off the grapes for around 5 years so its a long-term project if we went that route at the same time adding a trellis and vines to the location would add a huge wall of shade on the one side of the building. Back to the tomatoes though when we originally done this project it was to see if they could establish in a small root system inside the plastic pipes and after the first tomatoes arrived I started keeping an eye out for more and they are appearing all over the plants so looks like its a positive step forward. At the same time I was a bit surprised on how fresh the aroma is off the plants which during the rain does give a refreshing smell into the air so an added bonus.

Only advice I can really give if looking to grow tomatoes in the Philippines is check for varieties that grow well here as some of the imported ones aren’t as hardy. Start small and work your way up or if your happy with the varieties your growing no need to change.