Container Gardening Growing Ginger In Pots

growing ginger philippines tooWe noticed several of our plants had become over crowded in recent months and Ginger is one of them. This was initially from one root which has now produced 12 plants in the same pot that we have decided to transplant to another area to continue to grow them on to bigger sizes.

The argument about organic gardening not being worth the hassle and no profit in it will no doubt continue with others. But for us we water around 40 plant pots a day for less than 30 minutes, not only do they improve the look of the garden they are also producing food we can use. Ginger tea is something I enjoy here on rainy afternoons and even better if its from your own stock. Also a lot of the other stuff that can be grown in the Philippines looks after itself pretty much which is why I am a strong believer in permaculture where plants look after each other. Could be that mixed crops keep away bugs and parasites or the fact mixed root systems from different plants help each other bring water up from the underground.

Container gardening though is often down to location and not having the space or good soil to produce crops as well as flowers and other plants that can beautify a garden. Although its a bit of a hobby garden for us at the moment I can see the potential on how things can be done on a larger scale especially after visiting the Agricultural centre in Mandaue,Cebu. Also the other advantage of container gardening is it can be adapted for children or disabled making it an easy hobby for others to enjoy the outdoors.