Confused start for ‘Pilipinas Win na Win’ show

With the issues with Kris Aquino and Willie who previously hosted Wowowee at this time slot Pilipinas Win na Win was off to a rocky start.

The setup seemed a bit confusing for some of the audience as well as at least one of the co-hosts. Which isn’t surprising as it seems considering Wowowee had become a part of daily life in the Philippines.

When the new game “Ping Pong Pang” segment contestants used to “Hep-Hep Hooray” from Wowowee looked a bit baffled and loss as obviously they were the first so nobody to follow into the game. Nonetheless Kris Aquino tried to spice up the show with quips pointing to herself and her controversies in recent times.

At the same time Kris also touched on romours regardign Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez (Which are probably just hype to help the media spin some popularity on the new show).

At the onset, with Padilla and Rodriguez standing far apart from each other, she urged the two to move closer. “Baka sabihin simula pa lang ng show pinaghihiwalay ko na kayo,” she quipped.

Seeing that one of the doors in the “Open-Susi-Me” portion of the show was in orange, she said: “Mahalin na natin ang orange. Let’s all move on.” ( A poke of fun at Manny Villar Kris’s brothers rival for the presidency as his political colours are also orange)

ABS-CBN pushed to inject more than usual excitement into the show with some talents from their roster as without a doubt the recent problems with Willie which quickly send Wowowee spiralling from its slot needed to replace the show with one that went with an initial bang to get people interested.

Among those who appeared in the show are Piolo Pascual, Jericho Rosales, Cristine Reyes, Xyriel Manabat, EJ Falcon, Quennie Padilla, and Zaijian Jaranilla.

Rosales participated in the “Yaman ng Bayan” portion of the show together with singer Christian Bautista and Binibing Pilipinas 2009, Bianca Manalo.

Martin Nievera, Juris Fernandez, Charlene Gonzales, KC Concepcion, and Boy Abunda performed a special number.

Padilla the former action star was very animated on the show jumping and rolling around. Padilla also sang some old Pinoy rock classics.

Padilla also unwittingly competed with co-host Valerie Concepcion in revealing more than usual with his unbuttoned plaid shirt.

Time will tell if the show will be a success as simply its too early and people were used to and loved Wowowee which was pretty much watched by the majority of Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad.

0 comments for “Confused start for ‘Pilipinas Win na Win’ show

  1. shiemer
    August 7, 2010 at 7:39 am

    i've watched the first two episodes..all i can say is, wowowee with willie revillame as the host is still way way much better than kris+robin combined.willie has always been the one to have the magic touch in relating to the filipino people especially the poor kababayans. one thing i hated most about PWNW is that the hosts sre all trying hard to capture the feel of fun and excitement inside the studio which usually came naturally when willie was hosting the show. kris is so wrong for the show. she couldn't even keep up with the energy of the show. she's either sitting on stage or sitting with the audience. also, she's literally outshining robin who couldn't even speak and deliver his spiels unless kris tells him to do so. he's like an apprentice who waits for his superior's signal to go on with his lines. while mariel and pokwang seem to forgot about valerie who looked left out of the inside jokes when it comes to triangle joke between mariel-robn-pokwang. the only decent host as far as the whole wowowee-PWNW issue is involved was valerie.who never uttered anything against the former host willie and never showed any bias between the willie and the new hosts. one new segment i noticed was the balloon-passing which is a clear copycat from Eat Bulaga's Bulagaan portion. And this for me, put PWNW into a lower level to think that Wowowee was a noon time show innovator where the games and segments are fun and most of all, ORIGINAL.