Condo Designed Furniture For The Philippines

Lately due to a contact of mine I have been listing condominiums for rent but noticed how bad the furniture is but also how small the units are. Now I would ask you would you prefer a bit of mixed furniture that takes up a lot of space or something like this?

3D wall bedroom

3D wall bedroom

3D wall bedroom

Can it be realistically done? I know it already can be as I spent nearly 20 years as a carpenter joiner but came across these 3D images to do with my shipping container projects. It got me thinking about not only redesigning the wall styled furniture but also many other things that condo developments are suffering with in the Philippines down to a lack of “end customer thinking”. You see these sort of things are cheaper than the crap furniture you find for sale around the Philippines (not talking locally made I am talking the Chinese imports). At the same time furniture for me has to be workable from a practical point of view. For example take the fold down desk on the image in the middle is it possible to fit a TV into the slot area in the middle so you can have an LCD TV also built in to make it more practical (Ok for many people that watch TV in bed this doesn’t work). But these are the things you have to look at when designing furniture. The last 2 nights I have struggled to sleep because I have been working out several designs of furniture for small spaces. May sound a little sad but I love working with wood design and my ex partner before used to mention me talking in my sleep working out measurements of projects I was doing at work before.

You see the Jaguar above because I bet your looking at the car not the stand. I designed and built many stands similar to this as well as more complicated. The most interesting ones were on a pivot that rotated the vehicle at a high slant. For me this meant designing the stand to be portable as well as being able to take any one motor section (4 motor driven) and every other section falls into place. In other words perfectly round, add to that an extra outer circle you can’t see on this design that fitted around it where logo’s were placed under glass where people stand and gaze in at the car.

Now I didn’t work on Jaguar although several of my co-workers did for 3 years they travelled the world with the stand. I did build British Rover stands including being part of the group that designed the “new mini” launch involving designing garage doors that pushed the cars forward from 6 different garages and back in with the doors flicking open and closed. I also got to work on Arab Emirates full sized replica of a Jumbo jet made in plywood as well as many other projects.

My biggest problem though is I can’t draw but I can build, designing on paper has always been difficult as I can calculate everything in my head which creates a problem with people following things from me if they can’t convert measurements into a 3D model or even 2D. Because I can visualise everything in numbers if you take the Jaguar above I take a line straight across the base of the car and with a single measurement can create the rest of the stand.

What is this relevant to with furniture? Well I can bring elegance to the table as at the moment I see developers throwing up buildings without any real thought of the end customer. They are over valued yet even with plywood or MDF I could take a shoe box of a condo and turn it into a luxury multi purpose home.

Lets face it as I keep telling people the housing market here is overpriced and under subscribed its going to collapse at some point. If you want to rent yours out its difficult because they keep building more and more only way to beat that trend is having a condo people want to live in. Giving the building a real wow factor that puts it above the competition.

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  1. David Whittall
    October 23, 2011 at 12:55 am

    Matt, nice idea!

    Would like to chat to you about such design ideas and the practicality issues.

    I/we (my son now co-owner) have bought/buying (30% Balance to pay on Dec 30) 24.5 sq m Studio with 3sq m Balcony on 15th Floor Ramos Tower.

    Have decided NOT to sign up to Condotel Leasback Program with Crown Regency Hptels for many reasons. I signed up with AirBnB to gauge letting potential and already had inquiries for next year. One from USA where he visits Cebu twice a Year for 3 months each time. This could be 50% occupancy already, and give me/us 5% ROI, which beats Bank Interest

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      October 23, 2011 at 4:14 am

      Hi David,
      Keeping it practical and within the budget restaints of most people is the biggest issues here in Cebu as furniture I designed and built in the UK was often open cheque book as those wanting custom made are willing to wait and not bothered about the price. E.g. a large bed I made for an old black and white cottage had beams that actually went into a corner of the bed that resulted in it being a feature of the bed at the same time couldn’t disturb the timber because of preservation orders. I am sure there are a lot of options to make your condo more marketable as I find most I have seen advertised are putting random bits of furniture that don’t match or enhance the property. Custom made things like sofa’s with under storage as well as designed to be a bed saves a lot of space. Same as the wall system in the 3D design but I am still working out the mechanics on the steel work for that one although will be building a prototype in our spare apartment here.

  2. David Whittall
    November 12, 2011 at 4:59 am


    Have you actually seen this YouTube

    Ron Barth, President of Resource Furniture (, demonstrates and explains their amazing line of Italian …
    by core77inc | 1 year ago | 4,184,298 views


    Resource Furniture have a Hong Kong Showroom, but don’t deal with the Philippines. From their Website, on the Comments from someone in Manilla, interested to buy such space saving furniture came this reply:-

    The company that distributes these products in the Philippines is below.

    New World Hotel – Makati City
    Store 9 and 10
    Shopping Arcade Esperanza
    Corner of Makati Avenue
    Phone: 632-8116702 or 07 – is the Italian companyreally fantastic space saving furniture designs. At fantastic prices in Euro also?

    Unique remote controlled wall bed system that hides in a special cabinet. Unlike traditional murphy beds, you can put your flat screen TV or bookshelves in front. Best of all, no one knows there’s a bed there.

    Can you build anything like those?

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      November 12, 2011 at 5:15 am

      Hi David,
      the current issue is parts for the mechanisms pretty much everything else is easy to construct. The main reason I don’t want my own mechanism (construction wise) is liabilty reasons as testing them to make sure they are 100% is too costly as obviously the weights involved in this are pretty serious and could be fatal if not done with the correct weight displacements and mechanism. Will be developing things soon though and I don’t mind fabricating someone else’s design locally if I can’t get it here at a reasonable price (as the mechanics are simple I just need to be 100% on the stress they can work under etc).

      Most of the designs you are looking at come at a price and the problem in the Philippines is I have to take it right back to fabrication as “off the shelf” isn’t really an option. The TV isn’t an issue though as I can see the possibilities of a “door shutter” manufacturer here capable of supplying the mechanism to slot the bed inside the wall. Wouldn’t be a “quick” build as it will need prototyping but would basically be like a door roller shutter with some kind of spring mechanism to open it up onto the normal floor. This could be done with gravity.