Concepts and ideas for life in the Philippines

Concepts and ideas are things I am constantly looking at and thinking up for things in the Philippines. Everything from ways to encourage others to do something positive e.g. the strips of rock I put in the road many people assume nothing will happen as the neighbours etc. have no interest in paying for doing it as well. Odd thing is like yesterday several neighbours have already started to realise that its not an expensive repair that doesn’t even need workers as the guys tipping it in the truck do all the work for you. Will wait and see what happens from here on in but basically having a strip of road in the middle of everything else which is dry even in heavy rain as the water drops through the stone and rock to flow underneath allowing you to keep your feet clean and dry (as most people wear flip flops) also means that you dodge puddles walking along the muddy track in heavy rain then walk on a good piece of road before your then back in the mud. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the affect that has on people being able to see the difference filling the rest of the road in will do.

But also the gardening stuff is all based on the same thing “concepts and ideas for the Philippines” none of it has been proven to work which is why I get battered by certain retirees with “that won’t work” on anything new. It wasn’t long ago people said the world if flat, its trial and error that makes a difference and using things we disregard everyday as junk etc. for something useful instead is also good for the environment. We now have most of the tomato plants flowering in the plastic pipes and just waiting to see if they will actually produce fruit or not. Doesn’t mean its a complete disaster if they don’t either as it does prove the tubes can grow other things if not tomatoes and would look to try something else next if it didn’t work.

At the same time its become more obvious in recent days the divides between people of the under 60s and the retirees as the “it won’t work” appeared all over the blog with various things yet the odd thing is the younger generation will look at the same problem and try to find solutions. Not saying its all retirees as many are positive thinkers and smart as well but more often than not many retirees have all day at the computer keyboard and a background from civil service, navy or another job that offers a factory or office job. Very few come from agriculture and farming and less even interested in trying to work out how to make things work. There are several doing business here as well which does mean you can pick their brains in their ventures as many are willing to help. But at the same time the others with the constant negativity bin them. Nothing against people retiring but its different strokes for different folks many people are trying to do business here as well as developing new things and it would be better to either give solutions and experience rather than just negativity on something most people haven’t tried or done. Everyone has their time where they tried new things and I think for some retirees they need to look back in their lives and remember when they experienced new things as they’re connection to the people they are constantly putting down is probably closer than they think.

The other thing with concepts and ideas for the Philippines is that NGO’s aren’t as inbedded as other countries which is probably more to do with culture that has slowed it down. The advantage of this though is many things have already been trialed in other countries so searching around you can come up with things such as a school project I came across in Thailand which involved a concrete pool where fish and frogs were introduced. Fish eat the frog spawn etc as well as the frogs eating the mosquitos etc. But it also means the students were eating the frogs and the fish. A system that can and does work and could easily be adapted for the Philippines. Obviously there are many more which is why its worth digging around on the internet but mainly in development groups. A website I came across which I find useful is as its full of interesting people and ideas not all are suitable for the Philippines obviously but its a starting point for finding other things you hadn’t even thought of.

Main thing though is you may seem to get battered by people with the “it won’t work” based on what they think at the time without experience of the subject and without actually backing up their reasoning with fact but that should drive you more to prove it can and will work. An example of the sort of stuff I get is the tube for metal roofs :-

  • It can’t work because the roots will cook in the pipe.
  • It can’t work because how do you water the plants?
  • It can’t work if the roof has too high a pitch.

These are all problems with solutions but did the person who wrote it even bother to think of any?

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  1. Tropicalpenpals
    April 2, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Did i think of the potential problems? of course i did its not up and running yet and the first thing which was a matter of “proving” was to show that tomatoes can grow inside a small tube area as its roots can extend along it. I haven’t put it on the roof yet for the same reason the first tomatoes are only just developing it takes time. If someone decided to try it and started looking at it that’s the whole point i am not running a “guide to” here its all about things that are ongoing projects if they were all completed an afternoon in the library would be better spent on older technologies and ideas.

    Master Gardener certificate what is the relevance? does it cover tropical climates for the studies you undertook and if so to what level as I am sure spending a bit of time with the local agricultural colleges here that have and do prove things work would be a lot more useful than a bit of paper that is given by an American institute in America completely different culture, plant life and climate.

    Wizard of Oz.. ? do you understand the connection with Wizard of Oz and American politics as its not simply a children’s book. At the same time i don’t do all seeing all knowing as the blog is about what I am doing here and people can add articles of what they are doing as well there is no conspiracy or something being hidden think you’ve been spending a bit too much time watching Glen Beck and Fox news..

    How do you overcome the problems? I already have solutions but I also have to show it working which will start maybe next month as I need to find a piece of roof I can set them up on which is easy to photograph (as being on most of the pitch you can’t see the setup!). Will be happening like everything else I say I will do it doesn’t happen overnight but will get there when I can. Currently busy finishing the apartment for rent which is why the blog is quiet.