Computer Repair Business In The Philippines

IMG_1237Its a side line business I didn’t start, what happened was people realised I could setup the internet cafe as well as fix my own machines so started bringing their computers and laptops to me for repair.

What I quickly realised was how much other people are charging as people had gone to other places initially a typical one being a so called engineer at CD-R king who quotes P1,000 for installing a pirate copy of Windows. The reason being most issues are often software based here due to the websites people visit and the obsession with clicking “yes” without reading what things are saying. I know this myself as I had to deep freeze my own computers when not in use in case any of the kids are over from relatives as half hour of fun for them normally means at least one hour of flushing my drives of spyware and other infestations they downloaded from the online game sites they went to.

Hardware repairs are also a good one as the machine in the photo shows today as they brought it here after going to a computer repair shop and quoted P6,000 for a new motherboard and chip. For that sort of money for a motherboard pretty much the rest of the hardware is useless as the hard drive for example may work on the new machine but will be its bottle neck for speed. At the same time the memory would be scrap and that P6,000 figure would increase.

I on the other hand are happy to actually fix the machine rather than go for the instant sale which led them to come to me in the first place. Its an older machine and just needs the processor and motherboard replacing inline with its model. But I can give them a whole machine for P3,000 and double the memory due to taking parts out of the old machine instead. Half the price but more importantly they keep all the components including the hard drive they can setup as a secondary drive.

Point with this sort of stuff is everyone in the Philippines seems to have at least one computer in the household and most are surplus and on electrical supplies that fluctuate and most people don’t know how to reinstall windows, setup routers etc. etc. yet willing to pay for someone to do it for them. Low setup cost business but would advise knowing what your doing and coming from a computer background. This machine this morning I swapped out the power supply and stripped it down to minimum components to diagnose that it was either the processor or motherboard that is faulty.