Comparing medical notes on facilities and doctors in the Philippines

medicalAs some of you are aware I had a bit of an accident recently which is causing some major problems moving around as well as things like breathing. After trying to visit a doctor several times I decided to embrace Google’s knowledge and my wife texted a doctor friend of ours for some medication.

X-ray’s are generally done by a separate clinic to the doctor and are scattered all over the place with several being available to most people in a built up town without too much trouble. For me we have one literally at the end of the road and I arrived at 8am the other day to find it completely empty and was in, diagnosed and out within 10 minutes including viewing my X-rays although were still being passed to a doctor to inspect. Total cost P240 which I find good service and very cheap. The doctor on the other hand has his clinic open at 8am but doesn’t turn up until 9.30am by that time the clinic is full to capacity and with it being no bigger than a tiny barbers shop I don’t fancy sitting amongst sick sweaty people with a risk of catching something. Its not down to arrogance by the way but the fact there are many airborne diseases here which can offer some major problems if you catch them. The warm climate here also makes things worse as its ideal for bacterial growth.

With the recent medical visits I have been discussing issues with hospitals with friends as obviously it falls into the medical services bracket. Someone having to move a relative to another hospital swiftly due to a ventilator breaking down at the hospital seems more of a common occurrence than a one off. Another friend discussed how the medical labs struggle to do testing as much of the equipment is faulty in many hospitals that resulted in the death of someone due to the long time it took to get the correct results. All in all the medical system is pretty much running on tick over with no guarantees. The system is cash strapped on investment, I say investment simply because the hospitals are receiving enough money from patients but where it goes who knows as everything seems to be private companies without ethics being part of the thinking only profit.

The reason I wanted to highlight the issue though is I know many people talk of the “cheap quality medical services” in the Philippines yet everyone I know who has been inside the system has had doubts of various things including fake diagnosis so that the hospital can make more money out of its “customers”. Which I have heard from 4 people from different parts of the Philippines who don’t know each other so would say got to be some truth in it. But also that the extra’s they want are often operations and procedures you don’t need putting your life at risk for no reason except their profit.

For me I will be relying on the FFFs for my medical support “Fit For Flight” as I know the NHS in the UK is declining but at the same time I know they don’t see me as a wallet but as a patient. Whatever happened to the Socratic oath?