Community Plants Project For the Street – Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

A while back we started some plants off on the ground along the street but it became quickly apparent that the root systems they had weren’t developed enough to survive and pretty much they all got wiped out. Wasn’t a complete failure as we discovered a few things such as the splash back of dust onto the plants wasn’t doing them any favours, the type of plants take too long to grow and the root systems too short.

So with all this in mind we did use the same plants again but grew them somewhere else first to develop a strong root system so when planted the roots were already around 8” deep.

community plants, roadside,minglanilla,cebu,philippines

Hard to see the bush typed plants in the photo but if you image there is one between every large leafy plant they are there and growing. They are going to take time to grow which is why the leafy plant was added, its part of the ginger family and very fast at reproduction and growth. In fact since we planted these new plants have already started to grow and no doubt next year should see them starting to bush out nicely.

I am also contemplating building a small rock wall around 1ft high in front of the plants to protect them but a bit concerned as the road is already pretty narrow. The rocks we put into the road have also maintained a strong foundation and looking to add another truck load to the side the plants are on and start scraping it level so that its getting near to being able to concrete over. Ideally want a middle trough for rainwater as where that white vehicle is, just behind it is the river for fast flushing of water in heavy rain.

hanging baskets,cebu,philippines

The plants we did at to the hanging baskets by the way have filled out nicely, if anything had to weed them but pretty much have made the place look a nicer route. Have a keen interest in getting some Brazilian Palm trees but they are P1,800 each my main concerns are theft and the dust on the road ruining the plants. Does get me pondering though P1,800 a plant? where do I get some starter plants!

2 comments for “Community Plants Project For the Street – Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

  1. Robbie
    August 16, 2011 at 2:18 am

    To get better root systems, plant a complementary plant such as sunflowers. Good to get an annual with a 9ft+ taproot (vertically down) and easily stop re-seeding by removing flower head. Other plants will follow sunflower roots down!

    Also adds fibre to the soil and allows better feeding, drainage AND access to deep water – so both preventing flooding (on a small scale!) and let the other plants get water during dry/hot times.

    The food/water is accessed via the WANTED plants now longer roots and also capillary / electrostatically held water drops from either live or dead sunflower roots.

    You can improve food plant yields by intercropping with sunflowers. Deep food and water from the subsoil and drainage of excess water.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      August 16, 2011 at 2:28 am

      good one.. although the root system doesn’t want to be that deep where they are due to the building foundations. 2ft is plenty as there is plenty of water there just need to level the top off with rock and maybe start the concrete road section as I am sure give it another 1 – 2 years it will be well established. Bit of a scorched area with the sun but these plants are fine with that once established. They have taken a bit of a beating from goats wandering up the road but hoping the speed of production of the ginger family plant will spur more plants to make it even worth while giving the goats a free plant now and again to stop overgrowth as they do go rapidly.

      Nutrients are something I started adding yesterday and will be looking to do every 2 weeks. I also have access (right term?) to bags of goat manure which may come in handy for the next projects as its free and organic just need to collect sacks of the stuff.