Community Housing Project Talisay,Cebu,Philippines – Gawad Kalinga charity

At a guess this is the Gawad Kalinga charity as I am not 100% how to get down to the houses to ask as the access road isn’t to the main road and I don’t know where it goes under the bridge. At the same time its a good example of the type of social housing projects ongoing in the Philippines.

First thing you notice in comparison to slums is the pride of home people are taking area is very clean even though the homes are basic and may seem rather small to Westerners. In reality though for most families this is adequate for most needs as most people don’t have many possessions.

I should have taken more photos over the time in Cebu as I actually got to watch this place being built from scratch as it originally started with a community building and these homes didn’t exist. I then seen the road develop and a few houses up to what we see today.

These types of developments build communities that bond and work together as well as help to push out drug and alcohol abuse as families gain something that gives self worth and pride. If anyone has more information on this project or Gawad Kalinga charity I would be interested to know and do a write up on the charity and its works.

Gawad Kalinga charity - community housing

 Gawad Kalinga charity - community housing Gawad Kalinga charity - community housing

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    You can get in touch with Chingkee Sabanpan of GK Cebu at 09164448502. You can visit our website for more information: or