Coming to an end

When this project originally started it was all about sharing advice and getting multiple opinions and authors to give a balanced view. Next month comes our second wedding anniversary and TropicalPenpals has advanced some what from when it was originally written but to be honest there is a lot of people reading but only one writing and im tired. Ive shared our experiences, knowledge and information to literally thousands of readers but in the end I never done this for financial gain but simply I have other  things to be doing that will be financially rewarding and TP has simply run its course as far as it will go on its own. Anyone needing advice etc. will still be able to ask away as the whole point of the site originally was to help not only newcomers but also to help people intergrate either into the Philippines way of life or to life in other parts of the world. Many friends have been made over the time TP has been running and I wish you all the best for the future..

Over and out…