Coin slot internet Cafe – Philippines

  The latest type of internet cafe machine are the coin slot type with allocated timers may not be the solution for a big internet cafe as they are coming in at around P20,000 each instead of P6,000 – P10,000 for a computer system.

Although they vary in design and cost they do have some advantages the first one being the fact that you can get these hired out to Sari-Sari stores and cut a deal on the profits although obviously a lot of locations don’t even need internet the gaming will keep kids busy all the time. The second design is more for locations such as Airports and malls. Maybe something that can be introduced at Cebu Airport for example.Coin operated computer ( Peso - Peso Machine) Philippines - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie

The disadvantages of the units are the fact they are bulky and need to be in a location that is safe and secure. But with regular collections and reliable clients looking after the machines this could be a good alternative rather than having to take on a full internet cafe. I do know someone who has several of these on the edge of slum areas which are paid off in full within 2 – 3 months. Ok not a good thing on moral grounds as its mainly kids playing on the machines with all the money they have gained on the day either by begging or some other way of making it. But the business model works. Its not mine and I wouldn’t do it personally on moral grounds but I can understand why they do it as they are a Filipino family which are doing whatever they can to create an income and have found a niche market.