Cobra “smart” drink with Ginkgo Biloba

Cobra Smart drink

Cobra smart is the recently added drink to the Cobra brand its main difference besides the colour to Cobra is that it has Ginkgo Biloba added to it which stated on the bottle says “for good memory and mental focus”. Does it work is the big question and yesterday I tried it out, its very common here to find statements of amazing results from vitamins, milks, teas etc. but Cobra smart was to prove me wrong..

Why? because it told me it would make me smarter and it did in a way that can actually be proven. I drank the drink had no change of affects but now I know it doesn’t work which means in theory I am actually smarter than I was as its now proven the fact the drink didn’t work (or did it?).

Cost around P18 (P2 more expensive than Cobra normal) another important factor is it tastes like cough syrup a bit and gave me a headache so not the ideal drink even for a pick me up to be honest as it seemed to make things worse!