Cobra Philippines Dragon Boat Team Win 5 Gold Medals – 10th International World Championship.

philippines cobra dragon boat time At the Seddon on channel in Hillsborough bay the international teams competed in the small premier open 500 metre race the Philippines took first place with a time of 23.535 seconds,shortly afterwards Australia came in second (2.29.299), third place went to Japan (2.36.365), fourth Italy (2.38.884).

The head coach for the Philippines team PDBF technical director Nestor Ilagan said “We came here with just enough number of paddlers to compete in small boats, but we ended up making our best performance in this event ever," We couldn’t have asked for more. The crowd support was overwhelming!”

Although looking to concentrate on the sprint races they gained the a gold in the 1000156

6m,200m premier mixed,200m premier men and the 500m premier mixed race. Also managing to take silver in the mixed 200m premier and all comers open 200m.

It was on Sunday they managed to complete the trophy cabinet with a gold for the 500m premier and paddles were raised in celebration to the large Filipino supporter crowd, who brought the team cakes,fruit and lunch.

The Cobra PDBF team is made of drummer Anabelle Tario, steerer Ruperto Sabijon, team captain Usman Anterola, assistant captain Salvador Sumagaysay and paddlers Amina Anuddin, Ma. Ailene Padrones, Maria Theresa Realizan, Thea Bartolome, Rowena Enriquez, Marie Michelle Jennifer Ebio, Jose Ijalo, Joemar Ocquiana, Junrey Dayumot, Perlito Idorot, Raymond Morales, Romy John Dionio, Cresanto Pabulayan, Ranie Llano, Ronald Tan and Rico Pradilla.

Several of the competing rowers had to get special clearance from military service. The sad thing to say though is it wasn’t supported by the Philippines government but heavily sponsored by Cobra Energy Drink and Philippines Airlines. Another team on the rise needing support of its nation.

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  1. Starshadow Rivaulx
    August 9, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    The sad thing is, the government authority that could support them says that they can’t, because this team doesn’t want to be accredited with the national agency that is accredited with the international body. So we do have a recognized team, just not this one, if I understand the story correctly.

    The Cobra DB Team doesn’t want to be accredited with the national agency because they’re worried they will lose control over their training and related affairs that the team has always done on their own.

    But I still don’t get why the government can’t support an “unofficial” team, especially one so obviously talented and full of heart as this one. Let them compete under their own banner, just like they did now, only with a little extra money, would that be so bad?

  2. August 10, 2011 at 2:13 am

    It is a sad day but I do find politics enter too many things in the Philippines and I know its always a slow process even if they did agree. Question they should be asking is why is the Cobra team doing better than the national squad?