CNN Hero Of The Year 2009 – School Room in a cart

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Efren Peñaflorida, who started a “pushcart classroom” in the Philippines to bring education to poor children as an alternative to gang membership, has been named the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year. His main tool: A pushcart classroom.

Peñaflorida, who will receive $100,000 to continue his work with the Dynamic Teen Company, was selected after seven weeks of online voting at More than 2.75 million votes were cast.
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Story Highlights

  • Efren Peñaflorida was bullied by gangs in high school in the Philippines
  • Now his Dynamic Teen Company offers an alternative to gangs through education
  • Since 1997, some 10,000 members have taught more than 1,500 children in slums

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Efren Peñaflorida started the Dynamic Teen Company in 1997.
Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) is a group of concerned young people with a mission of making a small yet significant difference in other people’s lives, particularly the small children in slum areas who have no access to education, basic hygiene and sometimes, even love from their families. The group was founded in August 1997 by four teenagers from Cavite National High School. The initial group made up of around 20 members started as a friendship club which aimed to divert the attention of students from joining violent gangs and notorious fraternities that were thriving on the campus. Their major platform then was to cater youth awareness projects, talent and self development activities, and community services. Today, the group holds different activities to address these issues.
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