Chuckles of time

The value of someone entering your life as a child can’t really be measured in now and then but only in the happiness and joys that your new family member will bring. Although i havent had the joy of a father holding my daughter Zoey for the first time and hear her chuckles of laughter i see many things through April’s eyes and the smiles that they share together. I’ve been lucky with developments in the last few years that stable (almost) webcam is available. I have been lucky to be blessed with two amazing daughters. When i can’t spend time with Zoey in the Philippines, i do get time to spend with my daughter Nicole in the UK. Although this isnt the greatest way to be i try to make sure my children don’t do without and know that i love them and they mean the world to me. All i can advise anyone in a similar situation is love your kids and let them know they are loved and missed when they aren’t around or you cant be there. Kids absorb a lot of things which are difficult in life and the one thing that means the most to me is making sure kids stay kids as long as they can. The world out there isn’t a great place and having a mind that can imagine things that are compacted into everyday life and a free spirit anyone should enjoy as long as possible. Because when work comes along and commitments the shape of the world changes. Zoey is amazing and watching her on cam just makes you want to pick her up and hug her even when grumpy. I see a side of my wife i adore as they spend time together and im looking forward to going home in a few days.

Family is everything to us.

The thing i love most is having a family that loves you back more than you can ever realise.

The true value of life is seen in the smiles of those around you and the joy that they bring you. I have an amazing family and no matter where i am in the world will always be missing someone. Today its April and Zoey but next week will be Nicole. You can’t always have the people you love so much around you but you can always remember the happy times and miss them so that when you are together you treasure every moment.

This is just a big thank you to my family.. My girls for loving me.