Christmas Eve in the Philippines

Today we had a native turkey and April tried best to make it as a traditional Christmas as possible. We had gravy, stuffing and all the trimmings even the turkey tasted good.. but whats a Christmas in the Philippines without it being a Philippine Christmas. The thing I like about the Philippines is its not about whos got a new Playstation 3 or the latest teams strip. But the fact of being together the presents are a bonus and in most cases unexpected. The most important thing is spending time together visiting the church and just enjoying the whole concept of Christmas. Something thats been lost in the West. When people talk about Christmas on television in the UK its more to do with Retail sales target and how they compared with last years, is this really what we want Christmas to be about?

Well getting away from what the west has lost in aspects of Christmas ill get back to whats happening here in Cebu. So everyones spent the last few days at parties and celebrations parties have carried on throughout the night and at midnight the first pops, bangs and whistles appear as the fireworks are released into the air. The whole area around the house is alive with noise of rockets,bangers and jumping jacks as the celebration of Christmas day begins. Its more of what would be expected on New Years eve in the UK. The loud sound systems and DJs can be heard from neighbouring houses for the last couple of days and even now the party will continue late into the night. Not only for adults but for the children too.. Part of the Philippines culture of really knowing how to party!!