Christmas 9 Mornings Mass Minglanilla,Cebu, Philippines

There is a regular mass on the run up to Christmas which generally means getting up at 3am and for us heading to Minglanilla church. You may wonder how many people got to a morning mass? To be honest i couldn’t really count. When we first arrived the church was already full.

This was around 3am people had been queuing to get a seat inside the church since before 2am. But to be honest I wouldn’t want to be in the Church with so many people its likely to get hot and sticky.

As time went on the front of the church began to fill out with people and in less than an hour it was pretty much packed everywhere.

One thing that is strange is as people arrive its all pretty quiet and a happy affair. Huge amounts of people and very few disruptions. Didn’t even hear the usual horn beeps. The mass is in Cebuano and although I’m not a full native speaker its just a happy environment to be within and to see so many people coming together for one thing.

You do get the odd usual things that are common in the Philippines which just don’t make sense such as the Jeep below.

Can you spot the deliberate mistake? Well this is the route round the car park. Some arrived late so abandoned they’re jeep right in the middle of the road basically. You can imagine the chaos that happened later.. But the other problem is because he parked there other vehicles then parked behind him. The other thing many foreigners have an issue with is finding people inside your vehicle. This happened with this Jeep people literally use it as extra chairs sitting inside to watch the church mass and people wonder why i use a P45,000 multicab well that’s the reason why.

As soon as the mass finishes everything goes back to normal.. The rushing of 1000s of peoples to leave the church and the day to day chaos of commuting in the Philippines begins. If your in the Philippines around Christmas time I would say to go to at least one of the masses especially the first or last as they are the most busy.  We go to Minglanilla church and I have yet to see another foreigner there besides me. Although i seem to becoming more Pinoy each day.