Choco Mucho – Philippines Chocolate Bar

Choco Mucho - Philippines chocolate bar

I have to admit I do have a sweet tooth sometimes, just a craving for a chocolate bar from time to time and a lot of the chocolate bars here in the Philippines are expensive imports or just something I don’t like. I stumbled across Choco Mucho at our sari-sari store as from time to time I try new stuff we are selling. Surprisingly these taste pretty good and remind me of rice crispies coated in chocolate that we get in the UK. Nearly P40 for a Snicker bar or P5 for a Choco Mucho doesn’t take much persuading to get the local chocolate bar. Also they do caramel and chocolate flavour as well as this dark chocolate. May be other flavours out there but haven’t come across them yet. Either way its a good chocolate on a budget.