Chilling Out In Cebu

Today is one of those days I have to write off completely due to spending it sorting out all the computers we use but at the same time meant things were taken a lot easier than most other days. Sitting installing Windows 7 left me with time to hang blinds in the office, sweep it out and organise furniture for our visitors arriving tomorrow.  The critical PC that went down which started the ball rolling on updating is now the one I am typing on. Love Windows 7 where its got the common sense to keep the old Windows intact for deleting later as this allows me to migrate all my files with no loss. Earlier today when the hard drive started playing up it would go to the log in screen but it would be blank asking me to “click on my user”.  But either way now sat at 11pm with a San Miguel on my left and listening to 100 songs from the series “Tour of duty”. Completely chilled and rather impressed on the change of the office with blinds it gives it a more fresh look. Was finding with curtains when the wind travelled through I ended up shrouded like a tent or fighting with it to see my screen.

Interesting thing also is although today was noisy most of the day with the neighbours taking a bit of a lull on the construction repairing the pickup they use and touching the body up with spray paints (typically the wind blowing the fumes straight into the office). Everyone is in bed except for those quietly gambling at the back with the Mahjong. Odd thing I find is I bump into people all over the place that see me on  my balcony that know me from coming here to play at the tables.

The downside of things is though I have concerns over the EU funny how you become an expert on economies and finances worldwide (well everything affects that exchange rate on the cash!). Although there seems to be a solution that has improved stock trading today I think we are still looking at the tip of the iceberg. Will the economies get any worse? Only time will tell as Libya could give a big butt wave at the West and go anti West just as easily as it could become an oil source. That is the other thing living out in the Philippines is you come across so much natural technologies that are ignored when it comes to fuels and other uses because we are sold on specifics not the “have we tried?”. Today was one of those moments in a more simplistic way with coconuts I was sitting looking out the office window and noticed at least 40 coconuts sat in the tree opposite and thinking “Why hasn’t anyone harvested them?” but worse than that I looked then across the field at the back to see every tree in view which is at least 20 all full of coconuts that are ripe but not being collected. Why is this strange? because even myself I think you know what I fancy a coconut I will grab one at the market yet we are surrounded by the things! I don’t have that natural ability that most Filipinos have to scale a tree in about 3 seconds to grab the coconuts but I do wonder what is happening with peoples mentalities as this is Western style living leaking in. Personally I would rather talk to the farmer at the back and ask for 3 coconuts a week than use a supermarket but we are generally driven towards consumer lifestyles which puts everything in one place without even thinking about it. Obviously the coconuts at the back will not only be straight from the tree fresh but also less than a 5th of the price.