Child sex offenders in the Philippines

Sometimes you will see my blog goes quiet for a few days and a lot of it is things going on in the background. One of these recent events involved a friend of ours involved in an incident at a bar in Talisay which I was unaware the owner had interests in young children. Now a few things came out of the incident one involved that violence shouldn’t have been used, another was why did the person I know leave this person with a 10 year old child afterwards as well as many other questions.

But here is the thing you cannot take a child from its parents or anyone else its called Kidnapping and you yourself are likely to wind up in more trouble than the person committing the sexual offences regardless of how you see things. This is where I looked at how things can be resolved and although many things are frustrating here I did have several discussions with various PNP officials I know who have basically said they cannot act unless the person is “caught in the act” or the child is willing to bring some form of charges. As I don’t know the child personally in fact never seen her I cannot do the latter. The next stepped involved contacting several NGO’s I know operating in the area that do work with children to warn them of the current risks which did surprise me was they were already aware of that individual as well as others.

What I can say is this is one of the many things that keep me busy and maybe I shouldn’t publish the fact that I have no problem in assisting these people being brought to justice. But another reason I have posted here is now that it has been validated by several sources that this individual is in fact grooming children as well as possible other things I can just ask YOU as the general public to boycott his bar/restaurant in the hope we can at least force his haunt to be closed down. Sorry to hear he has other business partners but at the same time I would advise getting rid of him if you can as its only going to cost you financially if not morally as well..