Child Abuse In The Philippines

Although these videos below may not be directly associated with the Philippines the messages are as Asia is the child abusers Disney World. In the time I have been in the Philippines I have seen many ways people are exploited and often these grumblings fall into other parts of Philippines life as I find most people are quite happy to ignore them rather than make a stand. Even heard someone justifying another expat for having sex with a 10 year old girl saying that “at least the girl has a warm bed,roof over her head and food on the table”. Its not acceptable however someone thinks it is and ignoring things doesn’t help either it makes things worse. All I can say though is it costs nothing to contact and send in a report to Project Angel about child abuse you are aware of. If you have the time please watch the videos below as they are a bit of an eye opener for many. Odd thing is I know many people don’t like to rock the boat as they don’t want to be hassled by sexpats and child abusers. At the same time what if this was your son or daughter?