Cherry tomatoes in Cebu, Philippines

cherry tomato cebu, philippines Due to being biast on the tomatoes (as we grow them) I asked Kento to try one yesterday just to compare to ones he has eaten here in Cebu already. Which may seem a bit odd as most people wouldn’t know the difference but Kento is generally always trying new fruits which is one of the reasons I thought he would be interested in a taste test.

At which point it became very obvious that Kento was very surprised with the taste and flavour of the tomatoes as they are as natural as they come. No chemicals have been used anywhere and simply the tomatoes are very juicy in taste and have a suculant taste that you can continue to taste after eating.

Now the planting plants in pipe experiment worked to a point the tomatoes to be honest work really well in them except the pipes need to be a lot bigger or should I say the potting distances need to be as our biggest plant has grown in a Y shape approx 3 ft high in two directions and I think it would be better to reduce the number of plants next time and grow something else in the spare pots or even better as we are doing now growing the tomatoes in buckets as they have plenty of soil and can be moved around if they are in the way. The ones in the buckets have a higher yield in crop as well as being able to give more water to the plants as things dry out rather rapidly here. I am looking forward to the next batch of tomatoes as simply they leave the supermarket stuff standing, instead of getting low grade stock that’s no use for export we are getting the prime pickings straight from the plant doesn’t get much better than this.