Cherry P1 Mobile best phone for your partner in the Philippines? ( under P1,000 )

cherry p1 mobile

We had dinner over at a friends house this evening as April and some of the other girls are organising a party for the weekend. One of Aprils friends had brought one of the P1 mobile phones as she had bought one for herself. Instantly April liked it due to the simplicity and design it looks more like a pocket calculator and to be honest when I first seen it I thought it was. There are several advantages of having a phone like this or should I say your partner as well as for the expat where a lot of people grumble of phones being over complex here is a cell phone that is actually a phone! nothing over complex no MP3 player or gadgets but simply a phone to call people. There are a lot of colours and this also makes it appeal to the younger generation as well. So if you girlfriend partner is passing the chinese Nokia’s or after a genuine one instead of buying an overpriced gadget buy a “phone”. Best way to pitch it since its currently P999 instead of around P10,000 which a branded medium end phone would be is the fact it looks like a calculator, it has no real monitary value so if stolen although annoyed its less likely someone will steal it and if so at least it can be quickly replaced. I think it will become a bit of a trend though as i can see this being heavily used by students as well which is p1 cherry mobileanother reason i posted the phone as i know a lot of people out there are either sponsering their relatives schooling or part of a program. This is something that keeps people in touch with you and on a budget. I forgot to mention where to buy these from.. Currently Unitop which is a bit of a cheap end store is selling them for P999 I would check if they are in stock as colours may become an issue as they are becoming very popular phones.