cheap rental if living in Cebu

I was discussing with a friend recently about Minglanilla and the lack of cheap accommodation as he had to take on a house rental due to only 2 resorts being available which were expensive. So this month I decided to start doing 1 bedroom apartments at P4,000 per week which includes electric,water and even internet. Minimum term being 3 days which would suit a lot of people and simply nobody else is doing it here. Longer term we have properties from 3 months to annual rentals may sound like a plug for rentals for us personally but to be honest its more of a public service as I know properties we are looking to rent for around P7k – P8k a month others are charging as much as P40k just because its in a sub-division. Personally I can’t see the point of a sub division as its just as likely to lock the people you don’t want to be around in with you as it is out. The other thing that is important about our rentals though is there is no “foreigner tax” which if you seen prices someone was wanting to charge before on some rentals they wanted us to do I have renegotiated P3,000 a month off their original rentals because they had added that amount for foreigners but for me anyone doing it is nothing more than racist. On top of that the tenants we are looking for on the houses etc. are generally long-term which most expat’s are good for their rent and unlikely to damage the properties which is another reason trying to hike the rent is counter productive.

How much is a cheap rental if living in Cebu? It all depends on how cheap your willing to live, a leaky nipa roof with a bucket for a toilet doesn’t come at the same price as a fully furnished air-conditioned apartment. But also be aware to avoid foreigner tax when looking do a bit of research in advance if you have a partner already here then ask them to look ahead of arrival but also be aware if they tell you that “the family” have something to rent that it may be more expensive than you first think as your mindset will often be in your own currency still. Now I can’t sit and write a guide on what to pay as simply the ones we have available are fairly cheap at the same time I will no doubt get someone say they live in something cheaper but no doubt they will forget to mention they live in the wilderness or some other reason that offset the cost.

2 comments for “cheap rental if living in Cebu

  1. Johnph2009
    March 16, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    thats 16 thousand a month … you can have my house in a sub division for 4 th more

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 17, 2011 at 1:16 am

      P4,000 is not “MONTHLY” its a weekly rate as there are no pension houses in Minglanilla. The next cheapest after P4,000 is resort suites at P1,600 per night. Its short term prices long term its P7,000+ bills per month