cheap publicity and promotion for a business


A Eureka! moment came about at the last election here in the Philippines. I was sat outside in my Jeepy waiting for April to come back from voting when I noticed flurries of people being brought down to vote by truck. They were all wearing T-Shirts and different political factions had different colours and statements on the shirts. It made sense, people love free stuff… (now I’m not getting into the political side of the shirts before you think im going to go off tangent lol).

So the idea came about to do T-Shirts people want and that would be relevant to the net-cafe. Here is a prime example “Facebook Addict” what you can’t see though is on the back is the net-cafe information and the per hour pricing.

Good idea your probably thinking as its not only cheap its something people wear. But the thing is the T-shirt isn’t given away either its won, why would I do that? Think about if I gave you something free you might shove it in a drawer but hardly wear if lucky. But what if you won the same T-shirt in a competition where you can boast the fact your a winner? The chances of someone wearing the T-Shirt goes up considerably.

Btw if you want a T-shirt with or without the ZoeiTECH logo on the back and Facebook on the front you can buy them for P175.00 There will be other designs to follow but currently the Facebook Addict is the one everyone is asking for so doing first.

Regarding what contests to run we have started a P20 (2hrs) = entry in a raffle competition which has seen daily sales increase by over 50% not only that we are getting a lot of new users because their friends are at the net cafe. The raffle names roll week to week except for winners which are withdrawn after their prize is claimed. It’s still in early days but I can see the numbers actually increasing rather than decrease which is why I am also looking at doing similar at the Sari-Sari with cups/umbrellas cheap items but people will have to spend over a certain amount every week to get into the raffle.

Other ways to drum up trade could be counter-strike tournaments where they win a Counter-strike T-shirt with “Winner of _____ at _____on_____” etc. something they will probably wear out.


2 comments for “cheap publicity and promotion for a business

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    August 7, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    I think a lot of the problems is not only lack of knowledge its being lazy like your saying with the ice cream its more “i cant be bothered to order”. Its also why the opportunity to be successful is possible by going the extra mile I have been cautious with the new Ts so far as I am upping my stock of better PCs first so that when it goes full swing its going to start pulling more people from my competition who I think would probably last another 6 months at best. Their trade seems to have reduced give me time to build up a few more machines I can see them having to close.

  2. Tomdean34
    August 7, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Great idea, Matt.
    A small investment that can pay big rewards.
    My relatives have a videoke that was doing poorly. I suggested that with each 5 peso song, they give away a 1 peso snack, and if anyone scored 100, they get a free song. We went through 500 snacks, that generated 2500 peso in songs that normally would not be sung. Filipinos seem not to grasp that sometimes you must spend money to promote a business, but the return will be worth the effort. You would think with the huge competition of the limited types of businesses, that each owner would be trying hard to gain new customers. I am amazed at how lackadaisical most small business owners are. It seems that missed sales and turning away customers does not matter to them. It takes great efforts to gain a customer, and once lost, it may be forever. I have seen businesses go bankrupt so many times, for lack of very simple business ethics. I guess as foreigners we have the benefit of seeing how a successful business should be run. The Filipinos only mimic what they know and have seen in their limited experience.
    This is true story. A sari-sari store carried Magnolia vanilla ice cream, and also strawberry. The Americans that lived around there, always bought it, causing it to be out-of-stock most of the time. The store stopped stocking it, much to the sorrow of the Americans. When they asked the owner why, she told them that it was just too hard to keep ordering and stocking those flavors, so she decided to never carry those flavors again. She not only lost the sales of the ice cream, but the many other things bought on each visit. I guess that is Philippine Business 101.
    I have so many other stories and observations, that would make you cringe.