Charity in the Philippines

A  discussion the other day was how we shouldn’t interfere by helping local population in the Philippines and when we are not prepared to help those in the UK. Which is a bizarre scenario for me, quite simply the UK system already has built into it a social care system that should be taking care of those needs. But mismanagement and over management of funds and a severe lack of decision makers means funds get spent on the wrong projects or projects are ineffective. The reason i don’t agree with adding more money into the kitty in the UK is the same reason i don’t pay cash in the Philippines there are too many people wanting to make a living out of it. But i do give up luggage space for stuff i am unlikely to need in the Philippines for such things as kids clothes etc. Ok your about to say but clothes are cheap in the Philippines. Well there is cheap and then there is free. The UK has excessive of most things which is why “car boot” sales are a major thing for many people on Saturdays and Sundays. It costs me nothing to bring in clothing and give it away but it’s appreciated by people who need the items and that is what matters. Now if you asked me would i give them money the answer will always be no. Many problems can be connected to drug abuse either by the person or a relative so giving money you are only helping to make things worse. Scholarship schemes is something i would be willing to look at. Quite simply because once educated to a level where a student can assist their family it helps to break the cycle of poverty. Although i am a believer in putting back in what you take out and a student that moves onto a better future and career should pay back the amount originally given by taking on a new student. This in turn helps everyone as the more students that move up the economy ladder help more people and it no longer becomes a charity but more of a loan system that would be repaid to the benefit of all. Would this sort of system work, quite simply i don’t know its something im interested in but humans are a strange species common sense doesn’t always prevail.

Only advise i can give 110% is don’t give money to anything you’re not sure where the money goes for several reasons:-

1. Corruption is worse than you can possibly believe. Would you want to see more than 50% of your funds going into someones private bank account?

2. Not all charities are interested in the best expenditure for people. I was involved in a charity several years ago where many of the funds were set aside for “named” board members who got free lunches and fuel allowances at very expensive rates in the gamble they may be able to bring in extra money.

3. You are better to do things yourself if your going to do something. Look around for charities you can get involved in directly. Better to work with smaller groups as every penny is more transparent and you can actually see where your items and money do go.

One thing i did realise the other day was how many opinions differ on the general population of the Philippines some even seem bitter on some subjects within the expat community which seems odd to me. There is no need to get involved in the Politics of the Philippines as you are but a guest and always will be. You can’t own land, you have to extend your visa you are nothing more than someone on a long-term holiday. You have no right of vote and have no power to change things so why worry about it.