Charity Fat Cat Salaries

There is something that really bothers me with the people in charge of such things as Oxfam with the cheap executives bleeding the charities and justifying it as “if i was in the private sector i would get a much higher salary”. Where do these people get off? The truth is most of these people wouldnt be wanted in the Private sector in the first place. Then there is  the moral obligation they always seem to bypass. Most charities started off with good intentions and once it develops into a helping machine the money roles in and so do the sharks.


Ok they may be professionals but then again there are a lot of “professionals” who will swap experience and a low salary to gain experience. So why are these people put in charge and who lets them into those positions? A lot of the charities are also “international” so why do they need a Chief executive in the UK who charges a small fortune when there are very skilled and no doubt smarter people in many of the countries they are supposed to be helping who can literally do it on probably a 10th of theyre salary. I thought Champagne Charlies were a thing of the past but seems it goes on just more in the background.

Before someone tells me I dont know what im talking about I have seen a lot more of the inside track of charitys than your aware. Ive seen and worked with people who have got rich by printing all the junk mail that people get through the door and many of these “charities” are spending literally hundreds of thousands of pounds on those letters. I have also been to the country clubs where the “free lunches” for donations take place which is funny enough the regulars at the clubs who have nearly everyone there on some form of charity so different day different charity. On top of that ive also seen a charity develop in the UK which do what a lot of the ones regarding trades for example do. Which is to create a members list and “society” which then muscles in to stop you being able to operate as a business without being part of it. I have seen the expenses, free cars, fuel, salary etc. that these people use and abuse and all in the name of charity. My one question to these people would be is “how do you sleep at night?” they are stealing as far as im concerned and from people who believe its going to the right people as most is done on the quiet out of prying eyes. No doubt some MPs are on some of these charity boards riding the gravy train. I have also been to events where some MPs are invited to be guest talkers picking up £400 for a few hours work and free transportation and food.. nice work if you can get it. But just shows the sort of people we have running the country tie that in with the current “second home” scandal thats just about finished labour for the next decade or so as a political party. We seem to be ruled by robbers and thieves.