Charity begins at home

That is a term used by many Brits when it comes to refusing to help with charities that operate overseas. But the truth is its a small view to a big picture. If you said to me :-

  1. I don’t trust charities as most of the money is swallowed up by administration.
  2. I don’t trust charities because there is so much corruption.
  3. I don’t know enough about the organisation.
  4. I don’t think giving money really helps anyone.
  5. British people are more important than people abroad.


Then at least its a straight forward answer right? But then again what I am doing is not charity its development and awareness. An answer to the questions would be :-

  1. I produce photos and data of everything that is given and the people it is received by. I don’t take any money from it or allow anyone else to “profit” from it.
  2. Corruption in Charities is caused by ignorance. People shop at places like Oxfam who are selling a “brand” with nice shopping bags and labels aswell as plush offices they operate around the world. That is not a charity that is a business, it has lost sight of what it means to be a charity. Also look at the directors salaries and “fund raisers” that are involved. Who is to blame? The people who trust these people who don’t monitor what the so called charity actually does aswell as the people operating at “management level” riding the gravy train. Simply don’t give any money to these sort of things. Why am I different ? because I invite you to come to the Philippines and experience the culture, see the good and bad of life and then decide yourself what you actually want to do. Do you want to make a difference or decide its not your problem. Either way you are given the knowledge to make that decision. Rather than sold on a TV commercial showing starving people asking for money on a direct debit every month while the heads of the charity are picking up a £60,000+ salary. Personally I take nothing from anything I do and if I was offered I would just say do something for the people I don’t need it. I’m healthy and earn enough for me and my family with work and businesses I operate, I will never take from the poor.
  3. If you don’t know about the organisations I work alongside or frankly don’t want to get involved with an organisation that fine. I can either tell you about the people I get involved with or you can donate/ fund raise or whatever “YOU” want to do to make a difference and I will do it as a seperate project and you can see exactly where every coin, item of clothing, toothbrush or anything else went. Because simply I do this because the people need help not for me.
  4. There is a difference between the way projects operate. Some are feeding programs such as for kids who are scavengers at the dumpsites. But there is also the co-operative things going on that need more publicity. Things like converting old plastics into carrier bags, small scale co-op farming, cottage industries such as jewellery making, schooling scholarship programs. All work to a common goal of helping people out of poverty by empowering the people to be able to help and support themselves. So the truth is money can help if targeted at projects that can really make a change some are small investments others are education on small businesses but either way it can really change lives.
  5. What is it to be British? We live in such a multicultural country please tell me? My team I work with in Norfolk consists of someone from Zimbabwe, a Jamaican, a Scottish/German and myself who is Scottish.. All are British people so what is it to be British? Racism comes from the fact we identify groups of people the truth is we are just people regardless of where we are in this world. Or we could look it things another way the UK is over populated and unable to support its own fuel and food supplies, maybe the rest of the world should take the same view. Maybe the rice we love from Asia or the Tuna from the Pacific shouldn’t be sent to the UK as it belongs to the people of those parts of the world.. ? What about the oil from the middle east or the gas from Russia?

But if the real reason is you don’t want to donate then just say you don’t want to, its not compulsory and if you don’t give up items, time, money freely then its not something I would want to encourage. I don’t want people to donate and forget I want people to take value in what they do and be proud that they made a difference.