Charity and me

Charity is not something I’m keen to be associated with although I do know some “good” charities but the problem I have is so many bad! Also that a lot of the issues aren’t dealt with in most cases its like trying to stick a finger in a hole in the dam when the hole is so big there is no dam left.

Why is it the UK for example is spending over £9bn on overseas aid per year when its own country is falling apart and the fact that most of the locations it goes to are failing and on top of that most of the countries don’t like the British being there.

But to be honest the major issue i have is that we try to do things that just don’t work and if it doesn’t work year 2 we give even more money and the hole just keeps getting bigger. So what’s the solution? In many cases we should just stop sending money because until governments stop abusing the assistance aswell as the directors on most of these committees and charity organisations inside and outside the UK we cant fix any problems. Also things need to be more transparent. Some stupid things happen and go unnoticed there was a case of a friend of mine in South Africa got paid a small fortune to grow seedlings for Oxfam the crop was collected and delivered. Did it grow into a harvest in the area it was sent? Nope.. the seedlings were eaten by the people. The problem with many is the “live for today” mentality. A discussion with my landlord yesterday on Africa (he is going there next year to teach) he mentioned his last trip and the fact there was a huge green area they passed. He was visiting a doctor friend and he asked what is that area? There was nothing grazing, nothing growing but it was very plush ground. The answer was to explain that most Africans grow for themselves and they’re immediate family. Not for sale or anything else she also explained that South Africa and Zimbabwe could easily feed the whole of Africa if the farming was organised. The problems happened in most cases after throwing out the white farmers who basically organised things and used a lot of local labour giving jobs aswell as a better standard of living. Do I blame Africa on itself? Simply things are too complicated to be so cut and shut. A lot of Africa’s problems came about by the White countries colonising and changing the shape of the countries before all being forced out. Same with the middle east who put Israel where it is today?

So for me Charity is a mess and should be left alone (in most cases!) doesn’t mean i don’t believe some of them work and it doesn’t mean i am against it totally but i do believe in things needing to change for the better and a strong believer in people helping themselves. So instead of charity I will always choose “developing projects”. Things that teach people the importance of growing they’re own foods and education. Business development that helps families progress in life. The Mercy in Action project in the Tapul mountains where families are growing fruit trees as part of a project that combines they’re children to keep good grades is something I am very keen on as it provides food aswell as education.